Sweet Corn Diet Soup

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No Added Sugar | No Preservatives | No MSG | Gluten Free | Low-Fat
  • Sweet Corn Diet Soup with natural Dietary Fiber and natural herbs like Garcinia Cambojia (Malabar Tamarind), Fenugreek (Methi) and Green Coffee Beans
  • Dietary Fibers make you feel full for longer, helping in portion control
  • Natural actives in the herbs naturally raise the BMR to safe levels so that you burn more fat during normal activities
  • The actives bond with unhealthy dietary fat and prevent its absorption
  • Each 20g sachet makes about 150-200ml of soup
  • Consume 15 minutes before lunch or dinner
  • Pro Tip: Add fresh chopped vegetables, chicken, or croutons!
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    Health Benefits: Weight Management
    • Helps keep full for longer (Portion Control)
    • Naturally burns fat by safely increasing BMR
    • Prevents dietary fat from being absorbed
    Just Open, Mix, Enjoy!

    Sweet Corn that packs a punch!!!

    Well of course your NutraSphere Sweet Corn Diet Soup is ridiculously delicious! But it also packs a serious punch with natural active ingredients like Garcinia Cambojia, Fenugreek, Green Coffee Bean extracts & Dietary Fibres

    What’s so cool about this ?

    1. Natural Portion Control

    • Dietary fibers keep you feeling full for longer
    • So if you naturally don't feel hungry, you eat lesser and avoid snacking in between meals. Portion controlled, naturally
    2. Natural Fat Burning
    • Garcinia Cambojia (with 60% GCA), Green Coffee Bean (with 40% ALA) & Fenugreek (methi) are known natural fat burners
    • They safely increase your Basal Metabolic Rate to help you burn fat, especially stubborn belly fat
    3. Natural Fat Blocking
    • Garcinia cambojia is a known fat-blocker, helping block harmful dietary fats from being absorbed by your body
    • This means it'll help block the unhealthy fat that's present in your diet, from entering your body
    Together, they’re the fab four that help you eat right, get lean and keep you looking oh so gooood!

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