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What Our Customers Say!

I can finally munch upon something yummy without feeling guilty. This has redefined my Netflix and chill to Netflix and binge eat. Thank you for this ❤️

Nikita Kamath, Mumbai

What I liked about Nutrasphere was the transperancy in labels, nutrition information &ingredients. Nutrasphere soups and shake are easy to make anywhere for my clients and a definite add in their busy routines.

Dt. Lakshita Jain, Delhi

I loved the flavor of mild rose along with the sabja seeds. Reminded me of childhood falooda! It's helped me a lot in my weight loss as a post workout drink. I love it simply because of the taste and handiness.

Urvashi Parashar, Guwahati

Got hooked to Nutrasphere during the lockdown. Thanks to you, I could indulge without feeling guilty about snacking at home. Now, I carry the soups for lunch at work. Really helps to keep it light.

Bidisha Bose, Bengaluru

It was tough eating healthy and working out after the lockdown. Nutrasphere products helped coz I was able to have those instead of ordering something whenever I had a craving. Now it's a habit.

Mandar Naik, Goa

I was always on the lookout for something healthy to have after my workout, without spending too long prepping it. NutraSphere does the trick for me. One bowl of protein soup and I'm set.

Viraj Telang, Dubai

They've pretty much got something for every craving...meal, snacks, sweet. Just the pack itself looks so cool! I'm a fan. I couldn't believe all this was healthy too!

Shweta Kudva, Mumbai

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