Origin Story

You're probably wondering what makes these guys so special. Simply put, this brand is all about You. So, we're special because You're special!

How is this about me?

Because we've been where you are. Crazy work hours, no time for lunch...and forget eating healthy and working out, right?

We also know about the horrid guilt that comes with that weekend of letting your hair down. But then what's all this work for, if we can't enjoy on the weekends, right?

Look, at the end of the day, we all just want to look good. That's really it, isn't it? We want to feel good about the person looking back from the mirror. And we want it to happen without making drastic lifestyle changes.

And that's exactly the epiphany we had when we decided to begin this entrepreneurial journey.

But the fairytale nearly ended when I suffered from a double slipped disc and then suffered the consequences of a prolonged bed rest.

I realized that every brand out there is healthy. But what we really needed was a brand that could give us products that understood our health needs, but understood us...YOU and me! It understood our lifestyles and evolved to fit into it, rather than expected us to change everything up.

So we joined forces with an expert team led by an experienced hand (my dad) and set out to create a brand that did just that- help you get healthy, despite your lifestyle.

That's it, no fuss, just a very simple goal.

Think of us as the dark horse on your dinner table...except this one's damn tasty and can be made instantly.

How do we do this?

Well, naturally of course!

Our Chief Product Scientist (my dad) had already been working for more than 30 years on natural 'active' ingredients.

Active ingredients are ingredients found in fruits and vegetables and have proven health benefits.

Our aim was to incorporate them into your meals.

So, we carefully paired them with delicious formats like soups, snacks, shakes and more so that health could now be a part of your daily meal, instantly.

And even if your goal is weight management, diabetes care, heart health or wellness, we've got you covered.

So who are we?

The Brains

NutraSphere is a family-run brand.

My dad Prakash Rao is the brain and the artist. In fact, NutraSphere is a result of his 30+ years of research and experience creating unique products.

He's combined ayurvedic concepts with modern day food formats.

The Heart

Manjula (my wife) manages operations and marketing.

She keeps the wheels turning and her design inputs help us stand out from the clutter.

She's given NutraSphere the character it has today.

And Me

Me? I'm Pratik. I'm responsible for this exhausting origin story...

And when I'm not doing that, I play CEO. I look at sales, marketing and strategy.

So if you're getting those awesome discounts, you know whom to thank!

Welcome to the NutraSphere family!

Now that you're a part of this lil family too, we hope you like what we've tried to create.

Join us in this journey. Coz ultimately, this brand is a reflection of you...