Manchow High Fiber Soup

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No Added Sugar | No Preservatives | No MSG | Gluten Free | Low-Fat
  • Delicious Manchow Soup with Natural Soluble and Insoluble Dietary Fibers
  • Soluble fibers help to regulate post-meal sugar spikes
  • Insoluble fibers help reduce cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Dietary Fibers also help to keep you fuller for longer, thus helping in portion control
  • Also helpful for digestion, gut health, IBS and constipation
  • Each 20g sachet makes about 150-200ml of soup
  • Consume 15 minutes before lunch or dinner
  • Pro Tip: Add fresh chopped vegetables, chicken, or croutons!
*Pack color may vary between black and colored pouch

    Health Benefits:

    • Diabetes : Helps Sugar Regulation
    • Heart Health : Helps reduce Cholesterol & Triglycerides
    • Gut Health : Helps ease IBS
    • Weight Management: Helps in appetite control

    Just Open, Mix, Enjoy!

    Chow on healthy Manchow!

    Your NutraSphere Manchow Soup gives you that authentic Indian Chinese flavour. But that’s not all! Your soup is enriched with natural soluble and insoluble dietary fibers.

    What’s so cool about this ?

    • Firstly, both these fibers are gluten-free!
    • Soluble dietary fiber is known to help regulate sugar levels (post meals) through a sustained-release action
    • Insoluble dietary fiber is known to bind irreversibly with cholesterol & triglycerides, to be flushed away by your body
    • So now you’ve got a soup that tastes great, helps in sugar regulation AND is great for your heart health!
    • Oh, and the cherry on top is that fiber is great for digestion and IBS too
    Much wow, healthy Manchow!


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