How It's Awesome

This is a story of how guilt-free snacking was discovered...

It all began with 3 Super friends- Quinoa, Maize and Rice, who conjured up a Guilt-free (Cheesy Delight) & Vegan (Desi Masala) snack that changed snacking forever!

They created a magical blend of the highest quality Proteins, essential Minerals and Fiber (Quinoa had twice as much as any other grain), bound with spells of Cheesy Delightfulness and Desi Masala Deliciousness.

And it was all good…Vegan, No Preservatives, No Cholesterol or Trans-Fats.

What’s more, Quinoa and Maize’s low Glycemic Index made this great for Diabetics too!

Now, we’ve captured it all just for you to dig in, guilt-free and experience the magic!