Being overweight or obese has been a rising problem over the years. According to a report from WHO, in the year 2016, around 39% of people aged 18 & above were found to be overweight & 13% were obese. These numbers have been increasing ever since. That being the case, weight loss has become mandatory to most people & an integral part of it is a weight loss diet plan. Obesity is an unnecessary evil & to avoid being obese you need to manage their weight through a healthy diet & a good fitness routine.

Apart from a strong determined effort on your own part. That combined with a scientific, well-planned diet plan, either drafted by your dietician or planned by yourself if you add a ‘weight loss supplement’ that is well formulated and affordable. You can quickly achieve your desired target weight.

In this blog, we will be discussing all that you need to know regarding the weight loss supplement. Right from what they are to why they are beneficial for you. We will also tell you about some supplements that you must include in your daily diet to lose weight fast, naturally and permanently.

What Are Weight Loss Supplements?

Weight loss supplements can generally be defined as food supplements or natural supplements. Food supplements are available in the form of pills, drugs and etc. While natural supplements are available in the form of soups or shake that contain certain nutraceutical principles that can help you lose weight easily. It is usually recommended that you opt for natural supplements since they are harmless &  do not have side effects compared to their chemical counterparts.

What Should The Weight Loss Supplement Do To Help You Lose Weight Scientifically?

1. It Reduce Appetite

Hunger makes you consume more food & hence more calories that make you put on weight. A number of weight loss supplements contain ingredients such as natural gums which form a soft bulk in the stomach for an extended time. That will give you a feeling of satiety, suppressing your appetite. Moreover, this helps you control food cravings throughout the day.  So, weight loss supplements containing natural gums like Guar Gum, help reduce your calorie intake. And this is the primary objective of your weight loss plan.

2. Blocks Dietary Fat Absorption

Your dietician will obviously advise you not to eat fried and fatty foods like Burgers, Pizza’s, Chips. But whatever food you eat will contain some amount of fat. Some well-planned weight loss supplements such as Nutrasphere’s TRIM AID lemon coriander soup contain natural, herbal ingredients. These ingredients are combined with the fat from the food you have eaten and block fat absorption into your body. Thus avoiding the addition of fats to your body reserves while also cutting out the calories.

3. Burn Body Fat

Many weight loss supplements contain fat burners in them. That enhances the fat burning process in the body, making you lose weight faster. Some good examples of this are the supplements containing ingredients like Garcinia, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract. And those containing  Sabja seeds, which is a natural fat burner containing ALA, that promotes fat burning at the cellular level, making you lose weight faster.
The fat-burning nutrients in weight loss supplements act by enhancing your basal metabolic rate at the cellular level. Thereby burning fat in the body, thus ensuring quick weight loss.

4. Helps in Shaping Your Muscles

Many protein supplementations contained in many weight loss supplements help tone & shape your body muscles making your body look more toned. Also, they help in retaining the energy of your body while dieting, helping you lose weight faster. 

5. Provides Nutrients

The supplements contain many nutrients like proteins that are necessary to maintain a healthy body. These nutrients help you combat weakness, that you often feel during weight loss. Besides this, for people suffering from diseases like type 2 diabetes, for whom weight loss is obligatory, supplements can help provide nutrition required to counteract low immunity & other problems, they often suffer due to a high sugar level in their blood.

Supplement Vital Proteins That Helps You Thin From Within & Provides Structural Strength When You Are On A Diet.

Supplement Dieting often leads to reducing your metabolism. And thus making you weak by depleting your diet of essential nutrients like proteins. Proteins occupy less volume compared to fat in the body by building lean tissues. Moreover, protein supplementation also helps shape your body giving you an enviable figure.

Select supplements contain proteins such as Nutrasphere’s Dybesweet Rose Sabja . This milkshake contains 30% proteins, to combat weakness while you diet, along with fat-burning Sabja seeds.

Besides this, for people suffering from diseases like type 2 diabetes, for whom weight loss is obligatory. These weight loss supplements with 30% proteins can help to provide the nutritional support required to counteract low immunity. And other problems also that may encounter during a weight loss regimen.

These are just some of the many advantages that you can gain if you include weight loss supplements to your weight loss routine. A regular exercising routine that helps exert your body is very necessary as that is the most important part of any weight loss routine. Also reducing food calories through portion control is also very helpful. Small portions of food ( around 250 calories or thereof) eaten throughout the day can’t only satisfy your hunger and cravings but also control calories.

With that said, it is often difficult to decide what type of supplements you should opt on eating to lose weight faster. With so many choices available in the market, it is really hard to understand which supplements are best for you. We would recommend you to choose natural supplements like from Nutrasphere. That is available in the form of tasty & harmless soups & shakes, instead of pills. Here are a few tried & true weight loss supplements from Nutrasphere, which you can use to lose weight easily.

Some Weight Loss Supplements from NutraSphere

1. Nutrasphere’s Dybesweet Rose Sabja Milkshake

This amazing tasty fat burning milkshake for weight loss is the ideal slimming aid for weight watchers. It contains the natural fat burner Sabja (Ocimum Basilicum) which helps enhance fat burning in the body. Because it contains ALA, which is Alpha Lipoic Acid that promotes fat burning at the cellular level. Also, the high protein content of the milkshake (30%) helps build & shape muscle mass thus giving you a toned body.

As it does not contain any added cane sugar & is low fat. Dybesweet Rose Sabja Milkshake is also perfect for diabetics who wish to lose weight since Sabja is also known to be helpful in controlling the blood sugar level. And the protein content of the milkshake will help fight weakness & other problems often caused due to high blood sugar. Sabja seeds being an excellent digestive & natural antacid, also help fight a number of problems of the gut.

Weight Loss Supplement

2. Nutrasphere’s Dybesweet Strawberry Milkshake

Another sweet milkshake that can be very helpful in losing weight is the Dybesweet Strawberry Fat Free Milkshake. It is an ideal slimming aid to accompany your weight loss routine. Being fat-free & sugar-free, this low-calorie milkshake can help you lose weight & tone your muscles and make you look good due to its high protein content (30%).

Moreover, since it doesn’t contain any added sugar, it is also good for people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. This high protein milkshake helps to fight health problems like muscle weakness, lower immunity & metabolic slowdown that often caused due to high blood sugar levels in diabetics. It is a good weight loss partner to accompany your weight loss diet & exercise routine.

3. Nutrasphere’s Trim-Aid Slimming Soup:

This Trim-Aid Lemon Coriander Soup is the perfect weight loss supplement. It will help you lose those pounds easily since it contains bio-active natural principles like Guar Gum, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Fenugreek & Garcinia Cambogia. All of these work towards aiding weight loss.

Guar gum is a natural gum that helps by giving you a feeling of fullness. And thus reducing your appetite; fenugreek extract. It also acts as an appetite suppressant, thus helping you lose weight. Garcinia Cambogia, on the other hand, is known to block the dietary fat absorption &  production of new fats in the body. While it also helps lower cholesterol levels in the body along with blood triglycerides, thus helping in losing weight. The last ingredient is Green Coffee Bean extract. It acts as a natural fat burner, that enhances fat burning at the cellular level, making you Slim from Within.

Weight loss supplements should be a rather important part of any weight loss routine. Due to their benefits in enhancing the loss of weight & the nutrition they provide your body. But, that does not mean that you can completely rely on them to lose weight since they can be a part of your weight loss routine, not your complete routine itself. The ideal way to weight management is to strike a perfect balance between a healthy diet, regular exercising & consuming supplements regularly.