For as long as I can remember, I’ve never been a breakfast person. I tend to skip breakfast and then get really hungry after my workout and ruin all the effort I put in at the gym by stuffing myself with anything I can find once I’m home ( and that’s usually bread which defeats the purpose of the gym completely)
I’ve finally found something nutritious, fat-free and sinfully tasty. I got the strawberry flavoured milkshake mix from @nutrasphere that can be had with either water or milk. I chose to have it with water and was so pleasantly surprised by how rich it tasted. It’s thick and filling and smells like a dream. Highly recommend it! Do check out their page and their website for more yum and healthy alternatives.
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Anjali Bhandari
Bangalore, Karnataka

I have found a very nice snack option with protein for those evening times when I am hungry and wanted to share it with you.

Souprotin Tomato Soup from @nutrasphere is low fat and gluten free with no added sweeteners or sugars.
In fact, it contains 6.6 gms of protein which is equivalent to 1 egg. It is a very good protein source for vegetarians and a good alternative to milk-based protein supplements for weight watchers and those on a weight loss program.
It comes in convenient sachets and just needs to be mixed in boiling hot water and so is very easy to make or even carry while travelling.
You can have it either as a healthy snack or as an appetizer before lunch or dinner.

Shilpi Gemawat
Jaipur, Rajasthan


I bought Dybesweet Strawberry & Dybesweet Chocolate Milkshake since I found a protein without fat factor quite appealing. 

I’ve tasted quite few protein powders but must say this was by far the best tasting. It actually tasted like strawberries and didn’t have that typical synthetic mouth feel. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find a protein shake that didn’t taste bad even when had in water! Loved the taste! The sachets are very handy to carry in gym as well! Buying this regularly now.

It also helped me in my weight loss diet since it gave me 10 gm protein and that too without fat. Loved it!




Shweta Kudva
Udupi, Karnataka


Remaining in healthy and proper body shape is a necessity not a luxury! What? You haven’t stepped foot in a gym for ages! No worries, do it now!
And for this, you not only need Will power and Money but also Good Food too! What? You’ve lack of time for cooking, tend to give up but now here’s a solution, brought to you by

@nutrasphere And @zantechconsulting.
I received their unique Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Natural product in exciting formats like soups, milkshakes etc.

Sangeeta Shah
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Bless you and your company for helping us keeping fit and achieving our goals kudos to You and your entire team.
I have lost 5 kgs from these lovely goodies with my diet and hying In Melbourne the paradise of food no more tempts me to have any desserts and crave on junk as I have soup which is yummy and falooda when I crave a chocolate

Ruhi Kapasi Patel

I would like to mention that I am not a rose syrup fan but I changed my mind after having Dybesweet rose milkshake. Not only are those sachets with proteins and vitamins but great in taste as well.

Dybesweet strawberry and Dybesweet rose sabja both are sugar free and fat free supplements that definitely something to include in my diet.

Souprotin, on the other hand, includes all the vitamins and minerals which is good for muscle growth and recovery.

Aweas Shaikh
Mumbai, Maharashtra

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