Diabetes has become a prominent health threat in recent times. It’s not hard to find at least one person suffering from Type 1 or type 2 diabetes in every other home these days. But suffering from diabetes doesn’t mean that your life needs to slow down. As long as you take proper care & eat right, you can normally continue your life even with diabetes. In this article, we will see which are the best weight loss products for diabetes, some food products for diabetics and weight loss tips for a diabetic person. 

Being overweight can actually increase complications for diabetic people, making weight loss extremely important for them. Now, to manage a healthy weight, the first thing you need to do is eat healthily. If you are diabetic you need to follow the right diet to manage a healthy weight. Have a look at some of the pointers below that you need to remember before deciding the right diabetic diet to lose weight.

Cut Down The Carbs In Your Diet:

The first & the most obvious advice to lose weight is to cut down the carbohydrates in your diet. For a diabetic person, the carbohydrates shouldn’t constitute more than 45% of their daily calorie intake. So, give up on those pastries & white bread and opt for a fruit salad instead. You need to understand the right food items that help in weight loss & eat likewise.

Limit Your Calorie Intake, But Not Your Proteins:

Even though the ideal calorie consumption varies according to their age, gender, weight & body type, it is often suggested that for diabetics to lose weight, they must consume fewer calories. But you need to make sure you are taking enough proteins through the day as they are very important for you to maintain healthy muscle mass.

Exercise Regularly:

Another really obvious advice is that of exercising regularly because no matter how much carbs or calories you cut down from your diet there won’t be any significant weight loss unless you exercise. Moreover, exercising will help you ease your mind & give you the energy to keep going all day long. And exercising doesn’t necessarily have to mean hitting the gym, you can also try callisthenics or simply make it one of the morning habits that help you lose weight and you’re good to go.

Fats: Unsaturated, NOT Saturated

If you are diabetic, it is very important for you to know the constituents of your plate. For example, fats; now to lose weight most people assume that cutting down on fats is the best way, and they are partially right too. But the fact is not all fats are bad for you & you only need to cut down on the ones that are. There are lots of food products for diabetics that you must include in your daily diet like fruits, nuts, fish, etc. that contain unsaturated fats & give up on fried foods & meat as they contain a high amount of saturated & trans fat which are not good for you.

Stay High On Fibres:

For any diabetic person having a high fibre diet is a must as it helps keep their blood sugar level in check. It can also helps you lose more weight. Just like calories, the fibre intake for diabetics also varies with age, gender, weight, etc. but a good way to ensure a high amount of fibre in the body is to consume more fibre rich beans, legumes, salads & even soups. 

Keeping these tips in mind & following them thoroughly can definitely help you gain an ideal weight & maintain a healthy body. But, in today’s hectic lifestyle, where people spend half of their day in their workplaces, it is often quite difficult to keep a track of the right diet & to make sure they are eating just the right amount of nutrients.

In this situation, to make sure you are eating right for your body, you can take the right supplements required for your body. Rather than taking supplement pills, opt for supplements in the form of soups or shakes as that will not only help you get the right nutrients but also keep you full & hence away from unhealthy junk food, that you might eat otherwise. 

Best Weight Loss Products For Diabetes:-

1. NutraSphere’s Souprotin Soups:

When it comes to taking protein supplements, they are usually recommended to be taken with milk, which further even necessitates the addition of sugar or its substitutes to it. But, if you are milk intolerant & still require supplements to fulfill the protein needs for the day, then Nutrasphere’s Souprotin soup – A high protein soup is the right thing for you. It is a soup-based alternative for milk-based protein supplements. As it is low-fat & doesn’t contain any added sugar or sweeteners,  it is ideal for your weight loss routine. Moreover, it is gluten-free too, so if you are gluten allergic, you can still have it.

Due to its high protein content (20%), it is an ideal supplement for shaping & toning muscles. Also, it provides the ideal protein supplementation necessary for diabetics to counteract health problems like low immunity, metabolism slowdown & muscle weakness that are often caused due to high blood sugar levels. Moreover,  it is extremely tasty & available in two delicious flavors, viz. Tomato & Manchow.

buy high protein soup front view

2. NutraSphere’s Hyfyber Soups:

As we have mentioned before, consuming a high fibre diet is necessary if you are diabetic. And Nutrasphere’s Hyfyber Soups is the ideal weight loss soup for diabetics filled with natural fibres from wheat & Guar Gum. These natural fibres help you regulate your blood sugar level by binding with the sugar released during digestion & then releasing it in a sustained manner. Thus, they help in regulating the absorption of sugar from intestines into the blood & controls blood sugar levels after meals.

This delicious soup is a miraculous aid for weight management & controlling cholesterol too since the natural fibres in it irreversibly bind & expel from the body the cholesterol released from the diet. Also, it is high in protein with its 20% protein supplementation. Moreover, it is trans fat-free & contains no preservatives or even MSG. Besides weight management, Hyfyber soup also helps in boosting strength & energy of the body. Available in delicious Tomato & Manchow flavour, this soup is perfect for quenching the food pangs during the day.

3. NutraSphere’s Dybesweet Fat-Free Strawberry Milkshake:

Protein shakes are a must-have for anyone on a weight loss diet. If you too are looking for best protein shakes for diabetics, then Nutraspehre’s Dybesweet fat-free strawberry milkshake is ideal for you.

It is a fat-free milkshake that is the ideal slimming-aid to accompany your weight loss diet. It has a high protein content (30%) which helps fulfil the daily protein requirement of the body for diabetics & helps counteract possible health problems that might occur due to high blood sugar. Also, it is gluten-free & soya free and ideal even for the people allergic to soya & gluten.

4. NutraSphere’s Dybesweet Rose Sabja Fat Burner Milkshake:

Though the above-given products were good to accompany a weight loss routine if you wish to lose weight faster, this milkshake is the right thing for you. Nutrasphere’s Dybesweet Rose Sabja Fat Burning Milkshake For Weight Loss is a high protein milkshake that contains a natural fat burner called Sabja or Basil Seeds (Ocimum Basilicum).

Sabja seeds are known for their weight loss properties as they contain ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid), which aids fat burning at the cellular level. It also helps keep the blood sugar levels in check & is hence an ideal natural supplement for diabetics type 2. These seeds also enhance digestion, reduce bloating, prevent constipation & act as a natural antacid. Furthermore, the high amount of protein in the milkshake helps to keep in check the problems caused due to protein deficiency or high sugar levels, while aiding the building & shaping of muscle mass.

Introducing these amazing weight loss products for diabetes along with some food products for diabetics in your daily diet can help you keep your body healthy & maintain a healthy weight, while also managing your blood sugar levels. As essential as it is for diabetics to lose weight, it is also necessary for them to keep their diabetes in check. So, follow the right diet to lose weight fast, naturally and permanently, exercise regularly & eat the right supplements & then you have nothing to worry about.