Moong Beans Detox Soup and Lemon Coriander Diet Soup Combo

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Moong Beans Natural Detox Soup

  • Unique Natural Detox soup, harnessing the power of Moong beans
  • Moong beans widely have been used as natural detoxifying agents in Ayurveda
  • They contain bio-actives that help reduce absorption of toxic substances into the body
  • They're rich In plant protein and high in fiber
  • Moong beans are considered super-antioxidants
  • Consume anytime!
  • Pro Tip: Add fresh chopped vegetables


    Lemon Coriander Diet Soup

    • Lemon Coriander Diet Soup with all-natural active ingredients
    • Contains Natural Dietary Fiber and natural herbs like Garcinia Cambojia, Fenugreek (Methi) and Green Coffee Beans
    • These active ingredients are known to help
      • Make you feel naturally fuller for longer and help control portions
      • Burn fat
      • Block absorption of unhealthy fat that's in your diet
    • Each 20g sachet makes about 150-200ml of soup
    • Consume 15 minutes before lunch or dinner
    • Pro Tip: Add fresh chopped vegetables, chicken, or croutons!

    Perfect Combo for Detox, Weight Management, Diet Support, Diabetics and as a source of Proteins and Fiber

    No Added Sugar | No Preservatives | No MSG | Gluten Free | Low-Fat

    Ancient Wisdom, Unlocked!

    With your NutraSphere Moong Detox Soup, you’ve just unearthed an ancient Indian treasure!

    What’s so cool about this ?

    • For more than 3500 years, green, whole-Moong beans (not to be confused with the split, yellow moong dal) have been extensively used in Ayurveda as a powerful natural detox agent
    • This magic bean contains bio-actives that help reduce absorption of toxic substances
    • It's rich in proteins, fiber & super-antioxidants
    • Super-antioxidants make it super useful in keeping internal organs like heart, kidneys and liver super healthy!
    • Proteins, vitamins and minerals boost energy & help maintain optimal health in adults
    • Proteins also boost growth & development in kids
    • It’s great for gut health, being high in fiber and helpful not only in reducing the risk of, but also in managing diabetes
    • It’s great for managing obesity too, since it is lower in calories compared to other pulses.

    One bean, many wonders!

    References: Food Science and Human Wellness, Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2018, Pages 11-33 | Plant Foods Hum Nutr. 2012 Mar; 67(1):71-5


    Pssst! Your Soup has a secret!!

    Your NutraSphere Lemon Coriander Diet Soup is not just extraordinarily tasty, it’s also enriched with natural active ingredients like Garcinia Cambojia, Fenugreek, Green Coffee Bean extract & Dietary Fibres! 

    What’s so cool about this ?

    1. Natural Portion Control

    • Dietary fibers keep you feeling full for longer
    • So if you naturally don't feel hungry, you eat lesser and avoid snacking in between meals. Portion controlled, naturally

    2. Natural Fat Burning

    • Garcinia Cambojia (with 60% GCA), Green Coffee Bean (with 40% ALA) & Fenugreek (methi) are known natural fat burners
    • They safely increase your Basal Metabolic Rate to help you burn fat, especially stubborn belly fat

    3. Natural Fat Blocking

    • Garcinia cambojia is a known fat-blocker, helping block harmful dietary fats from being absorbed by your body
    • This means it'll help block the unhealthy fat that's present in your diet, from entering your body

    Together, they’re the fab four that help you eat right, get lean and keep you looking oh so gooood!

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