Dybesweet Rose Sabja Milkshake

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  • A natural falooda to burn that fat away is not just a dream anymore!
  • NutraSphere’s Dybesweet Rose Sabja Milkshake is a Natural, specialised milkshake containing Sabja seeds which are natural fat burners. Sabja seeds are rich in natural ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) which boosts fat burning at the cellular level. Sabja seeds also help give relief from acidity.
  • And that’s not all! To replace all that burnt fat with protein, Dybesweet Rose Sabja also provides 10 gm of protein per serving, making this your dream product for weight loss!
  • Oh and it CONTAINS NO ADDED SUGAR making it completely safe for diabetics as well!
  • Looks like a falooda, tastes like a falooda, smells like a falooda…but, it burns fat and supplements protein!
  • NO Chemical Preservatives
  • NO Added Sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • Soya Free
  • Low Fat
  • NO MSG
  • Quantity: 200 gms
  • Contains 6 sachets of 33.3 g each


456.002,040.00 incl GST

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Single Unit, Monthly Pack – 5 Units

7 reviews for Dybesweet Rose Sabja Milkshake

  1. Shirish Manchanda

    Whats not to love about a weight loss falooda? Sachet is easy to carry to gym and just mix. Good product.

  2. Ruhi Patel

    I have lost 5 kgs from these lovely goodies with my diet and living In Melbourne the paradise of food no more tempts me to have any desserts and crave on junk as I have falooda wen I crave a chocolate

  3. Sakshi Bilal

    This falooda mix is simply best. won’t find a product like this anywhere. Super hai, guys!

  4. Divya Vivek

    Excellent product, tastes good and keeps me full for long

  5. Rohit Sawalkar

    I’ve tried many Fat burners but this has become my favourite drink, let alone a fat burner. A faluda that helps you lose weight !

  6. Manasi Pandit

    I am totally in love with this fat burner. For a long time I only found capsules for fat burners before trying this. It is perfectly refreshing after a good hard workout. I’m super happy with it.

  7. Ritesh Shah

    Just bought 10 of these to carry back home to the States. Reminds me of all those summers here. And it’s a fat burner. hah! Amazing!

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Ideal For

All ages above 12 yrs

Suggested Usage

Post work-out or any physical activity


Empty the contents of a single 33.3 gm sachet into an empty glass/mug/shaker. Add very water (cold or room temperature) and stir to make a thin paste. Then add 150-200ml of water with constant stirring for a delicious helping of your favourite falooda, Dybesweet Rose Sabja Milkshake! [Add water to powder. Do Not add powder to standing water]

How It Works

  • Whenever we perform any physical activity (ranging from a walk to a workout), our body releases fat. However if that fat is not burnt, it is redeposited somewhere else in the body, thereby leaving the workout ineffective.
  • Dybesweet Rose Sabja Milkshake contains Sabja seeds (Ocimum basilicum) that are naturally rich in ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) which boosts fat burning at the cellular level in the body. It’s like adding fuel to fire, to burn up those fats!
  • In order to replace that burnt up fat with muscle-building protein, Dybesweet Rose Sabja also contains 10 gm/serving. This helps build and shape muscle mass to make you looking leaner and fitter.
  • Ideal For Type 2 Diabetics since Sabja is also known to keep a check on sugar levels. The protein supplementation helps diabetics prevent muscle weakness, counteract low immunity and metabolic slowdown that accompany high sugar levels
  • Highly recommended as an adjuvant when prescribing antacids/digestives since Sabja seeds acts as a natural antacid and are an excellent digestive,
  • Sabja also helps reduce bloating and help ease constipation
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease