A NutraSphere Initiative

An awareness campaign to educate India about the vital role played by Dietitians and Nutritionists.
These are the experts who use Nutrition as a tool to cure, and heal us!

Dietitians: The Doctors Of Your Diet

We all say we take care of our health, but do we really? When was the last time you went to see a dietitian or took recommendations about dietary supplements to add to your daily diet?  If your answer is ‘a long time ago’ or ‘never’ chances are that you are one of the...

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Power to Recommend

Increasing pollution, stressful lifestyles and irregular eating habits have resulted in a sharp rise in illnesses and disorders. Self- Medication is the first resort for most people. They might visit a doctor when things get worse. Unfortunately, few people understand...

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Why should I recommend Health Foods?

“I don’t recommend any supplements to my patients. I recommend only diet menus to my patients. I recommend only kitchen recipes to my patients.” These are common statements of many dieticians. Through ancient wisdom and scientific knowledge of dietetics and nutrition,...

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