power to recommended

A NutraSphere Initiative

An awareness campaign to educate India about the vital role played by Dietitians and Nutritionists. These are the experts who use Nutrition as a tool to cure, and heal us!


Zarna Shah Interview Video

Watch Celebrity Nutritionist Dt Zarna Shah give her insights on the evolution of the nutrition in India and explain her idea of #PowerToRecommend

Venancio Interview Video

We caught up with Fitness Guru and Coach Venancio D’Souza to get his views on how training and nutrition go together and bust some common myths about both!

Dhanishta Kumar

Dhanishta explains the importance of Nutritionist’s advice for a healthy body.

Dr. Nikita Suresh

Dr. Nikita explains the difference between Professional Nutritionists & Certified Nutritionists

Dt. Purabi Gunjal

Purabi tells us how a nutritionist can help you understand your body & make the right food choices.

Dt. Sarika Sharma

Sarika explains how a good diet can protect us against diseases

Dt. Khusboo Jain

Khushboo tells us to only trust qualified Nutritionists and cautions against relying on the internet for diets

Nutr. Nutan Khimasiya

Nutan tells us how only a good nutritionist can help you keep fit with the right diet and the right products

Dt. Lakshita Jain

Lakshita understands how our daily life is affecting our health & tells us how important the role of dieticians is

Dt. Apeksha Thakkar

Apeksha explains the importance of genuine Health Foods for healthy living

Dr. Shilpa Ramdin

Dr. Shilpa explains how why nutritionists are experts who understand how individual diets change as per body type

Dt Anagha Tulasi

Anagha emphasizes that your dieticians can help you understand your body & routine to fight diseases and live a healthier life.

Dt Shivani Ingle

Shivani explains how we can choose the best diet during our hectic daily lives or when traveling.