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Exclusive discounts, free shipping, attractive commissions, social media promotions and much more! To become a NutraSphere Nutrition Partner, simply fill in your details on this page and will get in touch with you within 48 hours!

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Refer & Earn

Simply refer our products using a customized Discount Code and start earning! It’s that easy! ZERO registration charges!

Exclusive Discounts, FREE Shipping

Partners and their customers get exclusive discounts on all NutraSphere products! You don’t even need to stock our products!

Attractive Incentives

Just share your contact details in the form above and we will share our incentive plan. Healthy incentives, as you make the world a healthier place!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!


Once you register with us,

  1. We create your unique discount code, which can be used for availing exclusive discounts
  2. We also create your personalized sales dashboard that tracks every sale made using your code
  3. Dietitians and Doctors get exclusive bulk rates to stock at their clinics!
  4. For Dietitians/Doctors we also create dedicated social media posts as NutraSphere Nutrition Partners!
  5. Dietitians/Doctors get a sneak peek of all our upcoming products, with exclusive samples!
  6. We create content to promote videos/recipes/posts that you’ve made, using our products!

If you have a marketing idea that you want to discuss with us, feel free to reach out on or DM us on our Facebook and Instagram handles and we can brainstorm!

How do I earn?

For every successful purchase made using your unique code, you receive attractive commissions!

How do I know how much I’ve earned from my recommendations?
  1. Your customized sales dashboard tracks every sale made using your custom code
  2. It shows you details of commissions earned for every sale made using your code
  3. At the end of every month, you receive the commission shown on your dashboard by electronic transfer, straight into your bank account, ensuring complete transparency
  4. As your sales volumes go up, we will upgrade you so you earn more, per sale.

What’s more, we have attractive incentives for referring new influencers as well!

Do I need a license to recommend these products to someone?

Since you are only recommending the products and not selling them yourself, you do not need a license.

Would I need to stock the products? What about shipping?

Nope, just share your code and once customers order, we’ll handle the rest! However, for dietitians and doctors who want to keep stock, we have attractive bulk discounts!

What if I (or my contacts) have queries?

Don’t worry! Just drop in a line at or send a DM on our Insta & Facebook pages and we’ll solve it right away!

Can I order in bulk and then sell it offline?

Yes! Just let us know by emailing us at or call on the customer care number and we will guide you!


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