People think that gaining weight is the easiest thing on earth. However, if one delves into this ‘process’ deeply, you will find that gaining weight can in fact be a herculean task for some people. This is because your body has a certain amount of weight that it is used to. And when it is fiddled with, the body tends to resist the change by regulating your hunger levels and metabolic rate.
Being underweight isn’t exactly a disease, but it’s not good for your health either. However, weighing lesser than the ideal or normal weight for your age, weight and sex can indicate or contribute to a lot of physical disorders and a terribly poor or imbalanced diet.

Who Is Considered Underweight?

In layman terms, an underweight person is a person whose body weight is too low to be healthy. Whereas, technically speaking, an underweight person is the one whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is less than 18.5.

What Makes You Underweight?

Being underweight doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re eating less than the requirements of your body. It rather speaks volumes about other factors like possible medical conditions such as infections, hormonal and digestive disorders. Which make it difficult for the body to absorb the much-needed nutrients in appropriate and adequate quantities. It might also suggest that your diet lacks some of the much-needed nutrients and is deficient in proteins and calories. Over exertion can also be a cause behind this condition where the body burns more calories than it consumes.

The state of being underweight can contribute to physical deficiencies such as a weakened immune system, fragile bones, and a forever exhausted body.

Guidelines For Gaining Weight?

Get on a high protein, high calorie and low fat diet:

The single most important nutrient and the key to gaining healthy weight is protein. Muscle is made of protein and without adequate quantity of protein in your diet, most of the extra calories consumed by your body end up as body fat. Studies show that during periods of overeating, a high-protein diet can turn the extra calories into muscle mass. However, it must be kept in mind that protein is a double-edged sword. It’s also highly filling, which may reduce your hunger and appetite significantly. Making it harder to get in enough calories. High-protein foods include meats, fish, eggs, many dairy products, pulses, beans, legumes, nuts, etc.

Include mid-meal snacks in your routine:

Frequent snacking gets you to consume more calories than you normally do on a daily basis. This, coupled with a high protein diet will lead to healthy weight gain. When people binge on snacks that are high in energy and calories or take large servings of snacks, they put on weight easily. Include dry fruits, cheese, cream, full-fat yoghurt in these snacks.

Weight  Gain Tips

Weight Gain Tips


Make sure you spare at least 45 minutes everyday for exercise. This can be in the form of brisk walking, jogging, running or even gymming. This will help you tone your physique and put on weight in the right areas.


Dietary or protein supplements in particular come in handy if you’ve been struggling to gain weight. Supplement your diet and exercise with a low fat or fat free, protein supplement like which will help you build and shape your muscle mass.

If you are underweight who wishes to change that for good by coupling your diet with protein supplements. Then congratulations, as you are in the right place!

NutraSphere provides you with a delicious and healthy range of protein supplements. That can help you arrange for those highly essential bits of protein that needed for building your muscle mass.

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Weight Gain Tips

Also, if you are into bodybuilding, our Wheybild Protein supplement is an ideal post-workout dietary supplement. That delivers highly concentrated, high quality Whey protein (24g protein per serving) with vitamins and minerals to provide optimum bodybuilding potency to gain muscle mass. You can also choose the best whey protein supplements in India.

Weight Gain Tips

Eat Right:

It is important that you have a sound diet plan – not going overboard and not eating less either. However, keep one thing in mind. When you eat more calories to gain weight, your body might respond by reducing your appetite and boosting your metabolism. This is largely mediated by your brain, as well as weight-regulating hormones like leptin. Hence, you can expect a certain level of difficulty in your way, like having to force yourself to eat despite feeling stuffed. At the end of the day, changing your weight is a marathon, not a sprint. It can take a long time, and you need to be consistent if you want to succeed in the long run.

The following diet plan should help you achieve this challenging goal. Good luck!

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Know When to Stop:
Once you have succeeded in achieving your goal of gaining your ideal weight. You then need to kick into Weight management mode without going overboard. Read our blog Weight Management – Do you need it & how to go about it’ to know how to manage your weight the right way!