We all say we take care of our health, but do we really? When was the last time you went to see a dietitian or took recommendations about dietary supplements to add to your daily diet?

If your answer is ‘a long time ago’ or ‘never’ chances are that you are one of the people who believe in the wrong myth. The myth being that ‘dietitians are not the experts of health & don’t have any right to recommend you the right diet or dietary supplements.’

As a dietitian, I would really like to drive you away from this myth & explain to you the real importance of dietary supplements. If your dietitian recommends you to take dietary supplements, it is often because your daily diet is not fulfilling your body’s nutrition requirement properly. These supplements help fill the gap for a nutrient that is often left unfilled owing to our rushing lives every day.

Now, if you’re wondering why your daily diet can’t fulfil your nutrition requirement, let me explain to you that as well. 

Written By – Dt. Mudita Bhatia

In our daily hectic lives, it happens that we might be going through a lifestyle change program to enhance our health & need a different diet. What we often do in these situations is we avoid cooking this food at home to save time & effort and opt for packaged food. But the bitter reality of the situation is that these packaged food products contain chemical preservatives to increase their shelf life & these preservatives work at harming your health, instead of improving it. No matter how healthy the product is if it contains chemical preservatives, its harmful. Besides, our life & food choices also affect our nutritional intake.

But even dietitians also recommend some packaged foods sometimes, what about that?

Well, this usually happens in the case of natural supplements, which have natural preservatives, that don’t harm you. Also, all the products your dietitian recommends, they know all about it, the pros & cons. So, it is completely safe & beneficial for you to use. 

Every dietitian recommends supplements to their clients for their best. Where the problem arises though is that people don’t often take our advice seriously & even argue with us that they don’t agree to take the recommended supplements, which is a really sad situation. 

Now, how many times does it happen that you argue with your doctors, regarding the medicines they prescribe you to cure your illness?

Never! Right?

Then why argue with the dietitian, who knows more about nutrition than you do?

Just like me, I know that every dietitian or nutritionist considers their clients’ health their prior responsibility & recommend them diets & supplements keeping their best interests at heart. We believe it is our responsibility to help you choose the best & safest option available that doesn’t hamper your health at all.

Your dietitian doesn’t just want to make money by recommending you supplements; they are not trying to sell it to you. They prescribe you the supplements because they know your diet lacks certain nutrients, that can be fulfilled. And you can’t argue that they know nutrition better than you.

So, you should definitely make sure to add the recommended supplements in your diet. Consider it a complementary nutritional add-on to your health that will only benefit you.

Over to you!

In closure, I would just like to say to you that if you take your doctor’s advice seriously believing that they can cure you, you should take your dietitian’s advice seriously too as they are the ‘Doctors of the Diet’ who can help you stay healthy & away from illnesses. Dietitians have the right to recommend to you ideal dietary supplements for you if your body needs. 

After all, we think of our clients as our family & their health is our primary concern.