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We all say we take care of our health, but do we really? When was the last time you went to see a dietitian or took recommendations about dietary supplements to add to your daily diet?  If your answer is ‘a long time ago’ or ‘never’ chances are that you are one of the...

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Power to Recommend

Increasing pollution, stressful lifestyles and irregular eating habits have resulted in a sharp rise in illnesses and disorders. Self- Medication is the first resort for most people. They might visit a doctor when things get worse. Unfortunately, few people understand...

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Why should I recommend Health Foods?

“I don’t recommend any supplements to my patients. I recommend only diet menus to my patients. I recommend only kitchen recipes to my patients.” These are common statements of many dieticians. Through ancient wisdom and scientific knowledge of dietetics and nutrition,...

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Best Whey Protein Supplements Available Online In India

If you are a gym freak or want to build a body worth envying, we bet you must already be taking on Protein supplements to help your rigorous exercise routine. The most popular one amongst all protein supplements is the Whey protein supplement. You must have already...

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How To Lose Weight Fast, Naturally And Permanently

Losing weight is probably one of the hardest objectives that a lot of people around the world try to achieve. However, most of us are not successful at it only because of a lack of awareness of the right practices. One common mistake most people make is not being...

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Nutraceuticals That Light Up Your Memory

The fear of losing memory is real and scary. All of us have experienced that awkward situation some time or the other. You walk into a room and forget why you are there. You meet a close friend but can’t recall his name when introducing him to another friend. Though...

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Best Weight Loss Supplements: All That You Need To Know

Being overweight or obese has been a rising problem over the years. According to a report from WHO, in the year 2016, around 39% of people aged 18 & above were found to be overweight & 13% were obese. These numbers have been increasing ever since. That being...

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Diabetes has become a prominent health threat in recent times. It’s not hard to find at least one person suffering from Type 1 or type 2 diabetes in every other home these days. But suffering from diabetes doesn't mean that your life needs to...

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Food Items That Help In Weight Loss

Eating right is probably the most important part of any weight loss routine. What you eat determines how much weight you will put on or lose. You clearly cannot hope to shed those kgs only with daily workout, while you stick to a junk diet. Along...

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Morning Habits That Help You Lose Weight

A goal for more than 50% of the people, weight loss is not so easy when you actually start working on it. With the internet providing 100 bluffs every day claiming that there to be a magic trick to lose weight. But without exercise by eating one pill or another, it...

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