If you are a gym freak or want to build a body worth envying, we bet you must already be taking on Protein supplements to help your rigorous exercise routine. The most popular one amongst all protein supplements is the Whey protein supplement. You must have already got to know that it’s a necessary supplement when it comes to bodybuilding. But, what exactly is it? And why is it so useful to you? And what is the best whey protein supplements in India that you should know?

If these questions ring in your mind too, then just sit back & relax, because we’ve got all the answers you need regarding Whey Protein. All you need to do is keep reading. 

What is Whey Protein?

Whey, also known as Bovine Whey Protein Concentrate is the liquid residue formed when curd or cheese is made from milk. This liquid then dehydrated into a powder, making it easier to consume by dissolving it in milk or water.

Whey protein helps in performance enhancement and general muscle development of the body since it  absorbed in the body very easily. Whey Protein has a biological value of 110.

What is Biological Value and why is it important?

The Biological Value Scale, used to measure the quality of a specific protein. It rates how efficiently your body uses a specific protein source. The higher the biological value, the more amino acids and nitrogen your body is retaining from the food you eat. Which means that the body retains more nutrients from foods that have higher biological values.

Whey protein has a biological value of 110 while eggs have a BV of 100, which was thought to be the highest. This means in layman’s terms, a consumption of 100g whey would result in an absorption of 110g protein, while consuming 100g eggs would give the body 100g protein.

This is because not only does whey protein itself get utilize 100%. But it also causes 10% extra utilisation of the proteins in your diet which would normally have been lost due to the presence of limiting amino acids.

Why do you need Whey Protein Supplements?

A BV 110 means that per gram consumed, more nitrogen and protein retained in the body with whey protein. And it also indicates a higher and faster rate of absorption into the bloodstream. Apart from this, Whey protein is consider as a complete protein, since it contains all 9 essential amino acids.

This is very important especially after a workout, since at this time, it is important to flood the muscles with vital amino acids that increase anabolism and prevent muscle breakdown. Whey protein is also high in Branched Chain Amino Acids as well as glutamine which give the muscles shape and tone.

This makes whey protein highly effective in increasing muscle volume & strength. That’s why if you are looking to bulk up and build your body, your gym routine needs the right Whey supplements.

Types of Whey Protein 

Whey can be majorly classified on the basis of their mode of synthesis. Of these, the below given three Whey Proteins are the most popular for their health benefits.

1. Whey Concentrate

About 50-80% content in the Whey Concentrate includes protein, while the rest is just lactose and includes fat, sugar, & other essential nutrients. This type of protein is the least processed due to which it is also the most affordable and also the most commonly bought.

It does contain more fats, carbs compared to other forms of whey, however these very components also make it the most palatable and tasty. Although it contains the least concentration of protein as compared to other (more processed) forms. if taken in adequate quantities, one can get the same dose of protein from whey concentrate as well.

Whey concentrate is ideal for beginners, who are on their way to building a physique & want to include higher grade of protein in their diet, at a lower cost.

2. Whey Isolate

Whey Isolate is a more processed form of whey protein where the fats, carbs, lactose etc removed to give a 90-97 % of protein content. This means you get more protein per gram as compared to concentrates.

The amount of lactose in isolates is also lower compared to concentrates. However both isolates and concentrates contain lactose in amounts that can be consider safe even for those who suffer from lactose intolerance.

Even then, the types of amino acids found in whey concentrates and isolates are virtually identical, since they are derived from the same proteins.

The higher concentration of protein per serving also makes Whey Isolates one of the most expensive. If consumed soon after a workout, Whey Isolate will quickly target the starving muscle fibers and relieve you of the workout fatigue. 

(Whey protein concentrate when consumed in higher doses will also cause the same action, with similar results)

3. Whey Hydrolysate

The level of amino acids and nutrients in this form of protein is similar to that of Whey Isolate. However, you need to consume it in a smaller portion as it comes in a pre-digested form and gives faster results. It comprises of 99% of protein content and known to leave desirable results but not a desirable taste.

Most gym goers don’t prefer having it right after gym but have it after the last meal of the day. The high level of amino acid content helps people recover quicker. The cost of whey hydrolysates are also much higher as compared to concentrates or isolates.

Which form of Whey Protein is better- Isolate or Concentrate?


  • While there are minor differences in nutritional content, there has been no evidence that can prove beyond doubt that isolate or concentrates affect your body differently.
  • One can expect similar results from both isolates and concentrates if equivalent doses of protein consumed. 
  • Which means if you consume a higher dose of concentrate, you would be getting the same amount of protein but at much lower costs, as compared to an isolate (taken in a smaller dose) which is costlier.
  • People who want to consume less fat and carbs might prefer isolates over concentrates .
  • Nowadays, there are products which have a blend of concentrates and isolates.

Health Benefits of Whey Protein Supplements In India

What is so good about whey protein that you would love to replace it with any other form of protein? Find out the benefits that make whey literally the best protein powder in India:

1. Muscle Building

Supplementing your workout and your diet with a scoop of whey protein can have dramatic effects on your muscle growth. Since whey absorbs the quickest, it helps you build lean mass.  

After a workout, especially resistance training, the body craves for recovery of its damaged muscles. After a quick assimilation, whey protein like Wheybild helps in muscle recovery and restores the energy you spent working out.

Whey protein helps you lose weight & is also known to lower appetite and blood cholesterol levels. All these lead to fulfilling one goal & that is getting a fit lean body.

2. Weight Loss

Most people primarily search for the best supplements for weight loss because that’s usually their primary target. Anyway, the first step towards getting a lean fit physique is shedding those extra kilos you see on your weight scale.

Amino acids play a huge role in terms of weight loss. It helps build lean muscles and you recover from muscle exertion. Moreover, it makes you feel full for longer, thus keeping you away from the frequent snacking, which is generally the biggest reason for weight gain.

If you’re primarily looking to consume whey for weight loss, we would suggest you buy isolate instead of the other two types. 

3. Healthy Ageing

As we age, our muscles become weaker and we’re not as strong as we were in our youth. Fitness becomes mandatory as we grow older because our body deteriorates otherwise. In such cases, Whey comes to great help.

If you add an adequate level of whey protein in your diet and you are frequent with exercises like walking or jogging, you can maintain good health. Most people turn to strength and resistance training as they get older to be able to retain energy and be as active as they need to be.

This is a great way to ensure fitness & combining this with Whey proteins can make it easier for you to stay fit even as you age.

4. Can Lower Blood Pressure

If you are a victim of problems associated with high blood pressure, whey protein can be a huge help. While most of the pharmaceutical companies synthesize their drugs artificially, which then used to lower or regulate blood pressure. Whey protein is naturally produced since it is a by-product of cheese or curd

Whey protein, when used regularly in small doses can naturally lower the blood pressure of the individual. Tests have shown that Whey Concentrate can lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood, while also lowering high blood pressure.

Using whey protein for 2 to 3 months regularly can help lower your previously high blood pressure and will definitely contribute positively to your health.

5. Other Health Benefits

Besides the most common benefits, there are also innumerable other health benefits of whey protein. For example, Whey protein can increase the synthesis of glutathione in normal cells and reduce the same in the cancer cells.

It also helps you enhance your antioxidant defense mechanism. It can also have a good effect on your blood fat levels by lowering bad cholesterol & also helps boost metabolism, and lose fat.

Whey protein can also help in the treatment of type 2 Diabetes and lowers blood cholesterol levels to prevent risk of heart-related disease or perhaps even a cardiac arrest. It’s high time that you too inculcate the habit of consuming Whey protein.

Exercising and Whey Protein

For leading a healthy lifestyle, exercising is elementary. If you want to be fit, just drinking protein shakes would not help you.

Workout and protein shakes must go hand in hand to give you the best possible results. And it’s no different with Whey Protein. If you wish to have a fit body, you need both Exercising as well as Whey intake. 

It suggested that one should consume approximately one scoop or 30g of protein after an extensive workout. This amount aids weight loss in a prolonged time period and almost immediate muscle recovery.

And as most people would admit that it’s easier for them to gulp down a Whey protein shake than to eat the same amount of protein in a solid form, right after a workout. 

Diet and Frequency of Consumption

While some people have tried doing it before, it is not advisable to replace all your meals with whey protein. For people who cannot cook often or are always on the go, you can take whey protein in different forms like soups and shakes . However, you cannot skip your meals on a daily basis.

It is important that one understands that consuming too much whey can lead to digestive problems and can do more harm than good. Even if your goal is weight loss, you must keep eating diet food for weight loss, whole foods and also the necessary vitamins and minerals. You need to add whey with your regular low-carb diet but not make it the center of your diet. 

Whey protein, though commonly used by athletes and body-builders, is easily available for the public use. The most relevant use of whey protein is muscle building and improved athletic performance, but it is also widely used for weight loss. All in all, when used under expert supervision and guidance, whey protein can prove to be a boon.

When to take Whey Protein Supplements?

It is necessary to understand that protein intake is necessary after you work out. Because any form of exercise is actually a process of breaking down the muscle, not building it up. When we exercise, our body releases fat and that needs to be replace with protein in order to give the muscles shape and tone.

Therefore the most relevant and obvious time for consuming Whey would be right after a workout. Many people like to take it before the workout to help them survive their time at the gym. There are also many people that you will find sipping their protein-rich drink during their gym hours, in between their sets.

Studies suggest that protein synthesis in your body is a constant process and thus protein should be present in all your meals in a day. So, don’t just rely on Whey for your protein requirement, but also remember to consume a protein-rich breakfast every day. Or you can even include Whey in your breakfast if you wish to. You can do this by mixing eggs and bananas along with whey isolate for a wholesome breakfast without any fuss as such.

We bet you already want to buy some Whey protein for yourself, after knowing so much about its benefits. But looking at so many options available to buy from, don’t you wonder, which one you should choose?

Well, if you are  thinking that you will pick just any one of the many Whey proteins available, let us tell you that not all proteins are created equal. What this means is that all the Whey available in the market cannot help you achieve your fitness goals & you need to choose the right protein yourself, the right way. 

Don’t worry, it’s not that hard. And anyway, we are here to help you.

What To Look For in Whey Protein Supplements?

When selecting a whey protein powder for yourself, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind. At first, you need to check the protein powder ingredients you need to consume.

It is also important to remember which stage of fitness you are at- if you are a beginner, you don’t need more than 20-30% whey protein. You can try taking supplements like Protipep that has 25% protein content in it & helps fulfil your body’s protein intake in the initial stages of workout. If you are a bodybuilder/regular gym goer, then you would need protein intake of above 60% 

How to Choose Best Whey Protein Supplements In India?

With high demand, protein powders are available in a wide price range. This is why the price is definitely an important aspect to look into. Many beginners at fitness make a one-time investment and buy whey isolate that cost around 10,000 INR. But they fail to realize that they cannot pay that much every two months.

If you are thinking financially, it is smarter to take to Whey Concentrate even if it doesn’t have the maximum level of protein. When you consume whey protein with exercise, you channelize the carbs in the right way and cheaper options like concentrate are good enough for you.

It is also important to make sure you buy whey from a trusted brand. There are multiple brands that sell adulterated protein shakes and rob your money. You must buy protein shakes from trusted sources and preferably directly from the brand instead of a platform.

Now that we have told you so much about Whey Proteins, we might as well tell you the best source to order it from. Below given two best Whey Protein Supplements in India.

Best Whey Protein Supplements In India

1. Mega Whey – Concentrated Whey Protein Supplement

Mega Whey is a highly concentrated whey protein that gives you optimum muscle building possibility and is perfect for you if you love to spend hours at the gym, exercising rigorously.  Every 35 gms of its serving contains 24gm of protein. This Whey protein recommended for you if your goal includes muscle shaping, toning, bodybuilding, weight loss, and overall fitness.

Below is Nutritional information per 100 g

Protein 73.00 g
Calories 155 k
Fat 14.78 g
Carbohydrates 3.96 g

Simply mix a scoop of 35gm of whey protein in a glass of 250ml of milk or cold water. Stir it well to blend it perfectly & just gulp it down.

This is probably the best whey protein concentrate supplement in India due to its high biological value (BV). It easily assimilates in our body and transforms into muscle mass. Rich in BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) this Whey Protein helps in muscle repair along with muscle building. The amino acids in the protein leave a positive anabolic reaction and improve body development.

2. WheyBild

Whey Bild comprises of 24% branched chain amino acids (BCAA) that helps you recover after intense workout sessions. It puts your body in an anabolic state and helps in muscle building.

Below is Nutritional information per 100 g


Protein 73.00 g
Calories 155 k
Fat 14.78 g
Carbohydrates 3.96 g

Whey Bild is good for muscle shaping, toning, fitness, and bodybuilding. It has a high BV that helps it get easily assimilated in your body and transform muscles. You should have it post workout to get the best results.

Simply mix one scoop or 35gm of the protein into 250ml of milk or cold water. You can also add it to other healthy beverages.

Whey Bild doesn’t have any sugar, fat, gluten, or chemical preservatives making it one of the best whey protein supplements in India. Consider buying this irrespective of how far you are into fitness – it will always be of help!

3. Protipep

Protipep is an initiator’s protein. It contains 25% protein from whey protein along with vitamins and minerals. It is the perfect supplement to have when you are just starting out on your fitness or exercise journey. Remember, you don’t need more than this much at this early stage.

Below is Nutritional information per 30g

Protein 25 g
Calories 98 k
Fat 2.29 g
Carbohydrates 56 g

Final thoughts

Once you start consuming Whey Protein regularly, you will realize what you have been missing by now. Whey protein is not just supposed to be for young bulky gymmers, if you want to stay fit & want your daily exercise routine to work better, you can take Whey Protein in your diet, just vary the %. 

It will not just make your muscles stronger, but will also make you healthier due to its many amazing benefits. So, if you haven’t already started taking Whey Protein, what are you waiting for? Go ahead & get yourself your ideal Whey Protein.