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Prakash Rao

CEO Nutrasphere | MSc Clinical Biochemistry

Prakash is an industry veteran with 30+ years of pioneering new concepts, products & technologies in Health Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals & Cosmetics for Indian businesses and multinationals. He specializes in formulating Herbal, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products for Diabetic care, Weight Management, Cardiac care, Gynaecare, Joint & Bone care & Eye Care apart from innovative health foods. A passionate writer, his articles have been published in leading health magazines & newspapers. He was also the Associate Editor for ‘Foods & Drinks’ – one of India’s first Food Magazines. Prakash is a guest speaker at quite a few prestigious educational and research institutes.

Pratik Rao

Co-Founder | CMO

Pratik specializes in co-developing product concepts and building attractive and pragmatic customer value propositions. He focuses on creating profitable business models through innovative concepts. With a career that began in FMCG and went on to Corporate Strategy (Financial Services) for one of India’s largest conglomerates, Pratik has managed stakeholder expectations across all levels. Having extensive experience building sales and distribution networks across companies and an exposure to marketing, strategy and advertising gives him the right balance of creativity and pragmatism.

Manjula Puranik

Co-Founder | COO

A career in Research and Analytics Consulting has given Manjula the wherewithal to multitask seamlessly across multiple projects. Her attention to detail and analytical mind-set ensures that projects are optimized to deliver results within promised deadlines. Manjula began her career managing highly complex engineering projects across industries. Dabbling in marketing and business design, she works with partners to coordinate and set up governance mechanisms, hand-holding them through the journey.

Dr. Shobha Udipi

Principal Advisor | Ph.D. Food & Nutrition

Dr Udupi is one of the most respected Indian academicians with a keen interest in the fields of Nutrition, Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals and product formulations. She has held prestigious positions with SNDT Women’s University (HOD, Dept. of Food Science & Nutrition), Indian Dietetic Asso., Protein Foods & Nutrition Development Asso. of India and Asso. of Diabetes Educators among other associations. Dr Udipi guides NutraSphere on R&D and new-product development.

"So on a hot summer day after a workout when I had the typical protein shake, I decided that's the last one I'll ever have. And we set out on our journey of making health, tastier by incorporating our daily foods and snacks with healthy ingredients and dietary supplements." says Pratik.

With Nutrasphere We Aim To Complete Your Daily Sphere of Nutrition

Prepared by experienced food & nutrition technologists, our extensive range of nutraceuticals and healthy foods & beverages ensure that you and your entire family eat healthy, everyday. NutraSphere caters to everyone from diabetics to pregnant women, weight watchers to body-builders & fitness enthusiasts, and growing children, adults and seniors.